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Sarah Blunkosky & Learning Heroine LLC is moving to Kinattain.com


A grateful goodbye to set learning free.

New email:

sarah @ kinattain.com

support @ kinattain.com

[email protected]  kinattain.com

(please mark these as safe if you want to stay in the know:)

I am so grateful and happy to announce that a company has purchased the set learning free branding and will be utilizing it to grow their things, and I wish them luck and joy, as we reached an undisclosed settlement.

 Welcome to Kinattain!  Kinattain.com's sneak peak here: and sign up for the new mailing list.  I'll be sharing lots of new things, courses, ideas, and snippets from my book. 


Out with the old, and in with the new.

Can't wait for you to join the new adventure!

Please know that I will be moving to Kinattain:)

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