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Gentle Yoga Tools

I've been sharing private yoga sessions thru ZOOM (which makes me miss human in person yoga time but something is better than nothing so I'll take it).  I thought I'd share some of my favorite yoga things, especially for restorative yoga.

Now, it shouldn't ever be about spending money on something that can be done anywhere, freely, with whatever one has. So, these are some fun tools and things that bring me joy and some are super affordable, some are things I budgeted and saved for over time, to invest for long-term use.  (I receive no kickbacks for sharing them, these are just me sharing some cool things).



I love several mats, these are a few of my favorites:


Jade Elite S Mat

Jade Harmony (tried and true made of natural rubber)

Jade Voyager (makes a great travel one)


If you need a non-rubber mat, I also love my Manduka Pro-Yoga Mat

 You can get lovely bolsters from so many places. Hugger Mugger makes some lovely ones and mine have held...

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