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"Happiness is a warm blanket" and February things

news podcasts Feb 19, 2021


How are you dear human?  Sending a hug across the internet right now and a way to go- it's February 2021 and we made it this far!

I'm excited to share a few calendar events, some podcasts I did with friends, and my friend Nancy Torres' new book info below.  Some happy things to hopefully perk up your February.

Mark your calendars:

February 25, 7pm I'll be chatting live on Instagram with VaHomeschoolers about Homeschooling and Special Needs. Happy to answer any questions and say hello!

Friday, March 5, 5:30-6pm, I'll be hosting Author Nancy Torres on my Instagram Live and she'll tell us about her new book, her favorite parent tips, and more. I love her new upcoming book, sharing loving affirmations and I'm happy to share it with you.

Need something to listen to? Check out two podcasts I had fun doing with friends:)

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast (Jess Ronne's book Sunlight Burning at Midnight is a deep journey read) was a fun chat with caregiver Jess.

and my friend...

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