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Evaluation Season is almost here (as I like to call the months of March to August 1st.

Thanks for being patient- I'm updating my website, my steps/automation's (to help make it easier for all), and also getting ready to graduate as a.......

Certified Yoga Therapist!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy- so excited to share the wonderful new tools I've learned to help clients, especially in helping heal learning challenges.  The past six years, I've deep dived into studying trauma, primitive reflexes, somatic experiencing, and more- and these are all topics that learners encounter and are affected by.


Thanks for your patience! Feel free to shoot me an email or note, or keep your eye out for more info to come when booking opens (aka when I figure out our Spring/Summer home school schedule to work around).

I cannot wait to catch up with my evaluation kids and parents!

Can't wait for your evaluation appointment?  Or, not interested in evaluations but would love a custom learning plan,...

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Come See me at the VaHomeschooler's Conference

Greetings to my newbies and my returning families.  Can't wait to hear about 2020-2021! 

Registration is Live:

Excited to be presenting three sessions at the VaHomeschoolers Conference, "Restoration and Resiliency: Finding Balance in Homeschooling" (My kind of title!) April 15-April 18th, online.  Lots of great presenters offering a wide array of learning support and information. Can't wait to see you there! Registration is open here: https://vahomeschoolers.org/events/2021-vahomeschoolers-conference

I'm presenting these three sessions:

  1. What We Don't Talk About in Home School Land (But Really Should)
  2. History to Corrupt the Youth (Wink Wink)- A Discussion of New History Works to Discuss & Share with Middle and High Schoolers (Mature Content Alert: Massacres and other things mentioned in passing)
  3. True Accessible Learning: Making it Actually MAKE SENSE for your Learner(s)
I'd love any ideas and input for these sessions (custom questions/concerns/insights: all...
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