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Proud Sponsor of The Unseen: Caregiver Documentary Premiere


Greetings from a beautiful Virginia day.

How are you doing? How are things working out? Send me updates (I love pictures)! 

I'm taking a break from studying for my Yoga Therapist Final (almost there, almost there) and wanted to share some things that are bringing me joy and heart-filled ness.

When the opportunity arose, it felt right, so I'm proud to be a sponsor of the first screening of this beautiful and soul-inspiring documentary featuring Jess Ronne and her son Lucas, founders of The Lucas Project:

About the 'Unseen Documentary'

From the website: "The film follows Jess and Ryan Ronne, a blended family with 8 children, including Lucas, who has profound disabilities requiring total care. Their situation has gotten more and more challenging as Lucas gets older and stronger. With limited resources and support, caregiving takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

It’s a common story among parent caregivers: the isolation, uncertainty about the future,...

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