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Proud Sponsor of The Unseen: Caregiver Documentary Premiere


Greetings from a beautiful Virginia day.

How are you doing? How are things working out? Send me updates (I love pictures)! 

I'm taking a break from studying for my Yoga Therapist Final (almost there, almost there) and wanted to share some things that are bringing me joy and heart-filled ness.

When the opportunity arose, it felt right, so I'm proud to be a sponsor of the first screening of this beautiful and soul-inspiring documentary featuring Jess Ronne and her son Lucas, founders of The Lucas Project:

About the 'Unseen Documentary'

From the website: "The film follows Jess and Ryan Ronne, a blended family with 8 children, including Lucas, who has profound disabilities requiring total care. Their situation has gotten more and more challenging as Lucas gets older and stronger. With limited resources and support, caregiving takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

It’s a common story among parent caregivers: the isolation, uncertainty about the future, lack of options, and a never-ending daily to-do list means the role of caregiver overpowers nearly every other facet of life. Video diaries from diverse caregivers featured in the film illustrate this universality, while interviews with mental health experts and policy/legal advocates provide a broader view on the societal impacts.

Through the power of unfiltered, compelling human stories, Unseen cultivates compassion and tangible support for the caregivers in our communities."



Yesterday, feeling overwhelmed with world events in live time, I miraculously recalled and found a long lost recipe of my mom's Bisquick Glazed Fruit-Filled Danishes. I used the gluten-free Bisquick, added some flax and extra milk, and re-discovered some long ago mom-comfort (my mom passed in 1996 so finding this made my heart happy)- and I didn't have confectioner's sugar (the jar was actually corn-starch so it was that kind of day), so I sprinkled with extra honey and it did the trick.

Much to love to all those struggling, in war zones, and having a rough day- it's hard.

Oh, if you're looking at a local CSA, here's a link to find one (several book up so now's a good time to budget for one). This year we're subscribing to a small share of the organic and local Fredericksburg CSA, Thursday night pick-up.  Since gas prices are sure to rise, I'd ponder one that's close by (sigh).

Okay- back to homeschool, studying, and my coaching appointments (so fun).

May you be held and supported,



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