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"Happiness is a warm blanket" and February things

news podcasts Feb 19, 2021


How are you dear human?  Sending a hug across the internet right now and a way to go- it's February 2021 and we made it this far!

I'm excited to share a few calendar events, some podcasts I did with friends, and my friend Nancy Torres' new book info below.  Some happy things to hopefully perk up your February.

Mark your calendars:

February 25, 7pm I'll be chatting live on Instagram with VaHomeschoolers about Homeschooling and Special Needs. Happy to answer any questions and say hello!

Friday, March 5, 5:30-6pm, I'll be hosting Author Nancy Torres on my Instagram Live and she'll tell us about her new book, her favorite parent tips, and more. I love her new upcoming book, sharing loving affirmations and I'm happy to share it with you.

Need something to listen to? Check out two podcasts I had fun doing with friends:)

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast (Jess Ronne's book Sunlight Burning at Midnight is a deep journey read) was a fun chat with caregiver Jess.

and my friend April and I had a great discussion on so many things on her Creativity is Spirituality Podcast (embroidery, slavery studies, trying to be good humans)


Nancy Torres says:

"I am a mama to my son who is 2.5 years old, and know all too well the endless hours spent researching. I remember when Sebastian was first born I literally no exaggeration spent over a week researching the best laundry hamper/basket for his room and it was more for will it go with the look in his room. Ahhhh.... Haha:) It is my son who inspired my first children's book, Say It With Me (Dilo conmigo) and I am so excited to share that it is being published by Wheat Penny Press this April! It's a beautiful dual-language learning children’s book with a powerful message teaching children the practice of affirmations. And something else that I love about it, is that as we are reading it to our kids, we are also remembering to practice affirming ourselves! 

Say It With Me is truly a story that is so close to my heart and teaches children the power of saying positive affirmations and words of love to both themselves and others. As a second grade teacher with a love for nurturing little minds and who grew up in a bilingual family myself, I’d love your support in spreading the word and sharing that it is now available for preorder.

I would be so grateful if you’d be willing to share it and the preorder link with your followers and friends (sayitwithmebook.com).

Anyone who preorders the book will also receive the e-book as an instant download in addition to the physical copy which will be released April 27th! 


We're good overall here.  Restless for Spring, kickball, and hiking in warmer weather!  Josie turns 15 soon which is super wild and my brain is becoming mushy with anatomy deep diving in yoga therapy school.  I'm having fun creating learning plans and I'm so excited for my first evaluation client appointments booked in March. Woo hoo. "Happiness is a warm blanket." Linus/Charles Schultz


Sending you all the best wishes and warm fuzzies:)


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I hope to see you in The Learning Collective (sign up for free here).




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