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Come See me at the VaHomeschooler's Conference

Greetings to my newbies and my returning families.  Can't wait to hear about 2020-2021! 

Registration is Live:

Excited to be presenting three sessions at the VaHomeschoolers Conference, "Restoration and Resiliency: Finding Balance in Homeschooling" (My kind of title!) April 15-April 18th, online.  Lots of great presenters offering a wide array of learning support and information. Can't wait to see you there! Registration is open here: https://vahomeschoolers.org/events/2021-vahomeschoolers-conference

I'm presenting these three sessions:

  1. What We Don't Talk About in Home School Land (But Really Should)
  2. History to Corrupt the Youth (Wink Wink)- A Discussion of New History Works to Discuss & Share with Middle and High Schoolers (Mature Content Alert: Massacres and other things mentioned in passing)
  3. True Accessible Learning: Making it Actually MAKE SENSE for your Learner(s)
I'd love any ideas and input for these sessions (custom questions/concerns/insights: all welcome)! Feel free to reply to this email or contact me direct at:
Your insights and teachings are so valuable and helpful to others!  If you're looking to volunteer, consider joining VaHomeschoolers as a volunteer (I have for years-great community).

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