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The integrative learning agency that shares the resources, strategies, research, and therapeutic tools you need to support life-long learning. Heal the learning journey, empower the learner.

Feel empowered in your learning journey.


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Hello Learner,

My name is Sarah Blunkosky and I'm happy you've joined me here. I started Learning Heroine LLC in 2015.

As a mom of three kids (one of whom has complex learning needs including: Down syndrome, autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and dyscalculia), I recognized a need to apply my integrative teaching (movement, professional research, and advocacy) skills to provide custom learning solutions for families and their individual learners.

I serve caregivers and educators with custom learning solutions, learning plans, coaching, yoga/movement therapy, and I hold space and assist in the healing of learning journeys. 

My specialties include:

Yoga Therapy for Learning

homeschool planning,

homeschool end of the year progress evaluations,


special needs,

and body/mind/movement integration

(basic neurological patterning, primitive reflexology, somatic experiencing, Laban's movement work, and more).

I proudly coach educators and caregivers, helping them rise to new heights within themselves to better serve their learners.


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Sarah wanted to offer a beautiful newsletter to loyal subscribers packed full of valuable content, insights, and news of upcoming events.  Wary of too much in the world: she's committed to sharing what feels authentic, real, and relevant.  It won't come often.  When it does, it'll bring some light and cheer for sure.  Carry on learners :)

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