• What I'm Focused On Now

    -Homeschooling my three kids


    -Doing learning plans and coaching with clients (tis the season as spring/summer is more evaluation work).


    -teaching yoga workshops


    -Working towards my Yoga Therapist Certification Program

    (basically a Master's Certification to become a licensed Yoga Therapist/ March 2022 expected graduation)

    -working on some niche specialties in Pelvic Floor Yoga and Rest and Restore/ Restorative Yoga
    -Working on constructing historically accurate infused children's books based on my Master's of History/Slavery Thesis Original Research
    -Beginning to query agents for children book publishing (I'd like to write children books forever, just saying:) I'm a hard worker and excited to publish quality works for children and young adults
    -WW2 Novel (historically accurate OF COURSE) as it's always in my head
    -Planning and drafting Online Courses for my long-term clients and newbies
    -Constructing my Learning Life Memoir/Life Lessons Book
    My Current Hobbies:
    -Sashiko Embroidery (I'm a newbie but LOVE IT). I'm also going to brave some other embroidery patterns too as it's a favorite screen break activity.
    I gather cool things here and here.
    -Walking/hiking/forest bathing with my dog Daisy (and family)
    -gentle, therapeutic yoga/ restorative yoga


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