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    You do such great stuff! You are my Zen when it comes to homeschooling my bright boy who also happens to have Asperger's and ADHD. You restore my confidence when I get filled with anxiety and question what and how I am doing in helping my child grow and learn. And you always provide me with a fresh perspective and great resources and point me to new pathways to explore. I look forward to meeting with you in July!" -L


    " Sarah Blunkosky <-- special needs mother, evaluator, coach. I feel like I'm dropping your name on all these. I can't recommend her enough. "


    " Talking to her (Sarah) is like talking to a guidance counselor who has been at it for 50 years. She knows all. No angles, no judgement, just guidance and support. "

    - Cathy


    "Oh, thanks for the words of encouragement and support! You make the evaluation process so easy that it definitely takes one of the stressors away:)"






    " Sarah Blunkosky thank you for the most relaxing, peaceful afternoon I have had in...years??? Hope you will offer this on a regular basis. Keep up your amazing work!" -Care for Care-Givers Retreat Workshop Attendee


    "Sarah, Wow these are awesome. I feel better and I'm so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you. I will keep you up to date with their progress." -C


    "The teacher (Sarah) was really good. It was my first time doing prenatal yoga and she made me feel very welcome. -Studio Class Review


    "Thanks Saha, that was awesome. I am so proud of you, you are really a great teacher. Thanks." -Mentor


    " Great day today! Sarah Blunkosky, what you taught/offered us was mind blowing! Things I’d never dreamt of considering... the connections, physical, emotional to the traumas of pregnancies, injuries... just fascinating. Thank you so much!"- 300 Yoga Teacher Trainee/ Teacher





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    Fredericksburg, Virginia Local Specialists

    Phoenix Rising Health & Wellness

    Unita Cheeseman-Walburn : Owner, Nutritionist

    Unita has been a friend and nutritionist of ours and I feel safe and happy to send clients to her. She accepts many insurance plans and offers a wide range of nutrition support, wellness classes, and life diet plans for whole life health, essential for a balanced learning life.

    Aldon Priorities Consulting Corporation: Marriage and Family Counseling

    Dr. Phyllis Braxton, LPC

    • Marriage and Family Counseling
    • Testing and Assessments
    • Special Needs: (Counseling, Classes, Advocacy)
    • Much More (See Site for Comprehensive List) Dr. Braxton is lovely to work with!

    Nelson Advocacy

    Ray Nelson, Wrightslaw Trained Advocate

    Special Education Advocacy & Service Referral Specialist

    I've learned a lot and known Ray for years. He's great for in-person school meetings and for hunting down targeted referrals.

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