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Winter Challenges

Pausing with positive.

After several years of charting the pattern, I know in our learning life that certain times of the year tend to have the same bumps in the road. What are we doing here? Is this ENOUGH? Am I doing ENOUGH? Is this working?

It may or may not be. Maybe you can tweak accordingly. Maybe you can make a radical change and switch things up. You might encounter inertia- a sense that something feels off but not sure how to proceed. It's okay. Many of us often do encounter obstacles this time of year. Kids change opinions on activities. Do we drop piano or stick with it? But we paid up for the club membership- maybe we should stick it out?

In the midst of inertia, jot the question down. Stare at it. Take some breaths, sip some tea.

Take action. Or, take non-action. Give yourself time. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind. We do the best we can with our circumstances. When you are ready to make a decision, do.

If you keep feeling stuck, seek support. A trusted friend, a loving family member. Or outside guidance.

Try to shift your perspective away from negative thought patterns. "People think I'm doing a terrible job with junior here. They are watching us fail and laughing." Try to listen louder to positive, and turn down the voice of negative. Try to shift thoughts into a greater growth mindset; recognizing that perhaps, many people are cheering and conspiring for your success!

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