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When I was lost, a friend gave me Deb:)

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After my first kiddo Josie arrived twelve years ago, I found myself quite lost among sleep deprivation, the needs of an amazing but I wanna-be-held-all-day infant with complex medical needs. My traditional clean the whole house and do all laundry in a day routine did not work for my current life that found a few minutes of time here and there to do only a few random tasks. I felt an overwhelming sense of disarray and could not solve how to manage the tasks I once found easy. My friend Deb, quite the marvel of a Marine Corps wife with three kids, pregnant with her fourth, and hubby deployed in the Persian Gulf; had her life SUPER ORGANIZED and made my mess look even more chaotic. She lovingly said when I asked: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Deb casually replied, FLY LADY. Thank you Deb.

Oh, old and new friends- here is my compassionate share, Fly Lady. Fly Lady said step one: clean your kitchen sink. That was it. Then she gave you daily steps that built a new system (adaptable to your needs). Fly Lady gave you handouts and said create a Control journal with all your tasks broken into days and sections that you could customize. I read the books. Created new habits. Made sense of the disarray. It was a method. It was free. I am forever grateful.


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