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Things that help me:

· self care,radical acceptance,mirror work,boundaries,body care

Things that help me:


1. Sleep! Not enough sleep and metabolism and hormones/endocrine system goes awry. Try your best for sleep. It also fights inflammation. Ideal is to follow moon/nature as we’re creatures that do well with natural circadian rhythms. Aim for 10pm-6am (or something close etc).


2. Replacing sugar drinks with water, unsweetened herbal tea, or natural seltzer/spring water (soda is sugar syrup and sabotages your journey).


3. Trying to limit or tune out negative and jealous people who can’t handle your positive outlook or dreams to feel better. Vampires are real. Surround yourself with people who are cheering you on and up.


4. Find things you like. Things you like to do will help you stay the course. Goal is a life you like and movement is essential. There’s something fun out there for you!


5. Ponder mirror work. Louise Hay books are fun and help heal negative self talk. Shift all negative into positive. You’re not xyz, you’re a work in progress. You’re not worthless, you’re under appreciated and working towards feeling more valuable and worthy. You’re beautiful at any size, you’re just working to have greater health, etc.


6. Ponder reading books on radical acceptance and self care. Sometimes self love is hard, so ponder finding self acceptance and building towards self love.❤️


7. You are worthy of health, joy, and love.


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