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More Learning and less Fear

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More learning and less fear is my mantra today. It serves an acknowledgment that fear is here and we don't have to ignore it, but it also highlights what serves an individual always, learning.

Learning creates such expansion and insights and when it is obstructed with obstacles and blockages, fear, it is hindered and muddled.

Many times a day there is a muddle and I'm learning how to sit in the mud puddle of it all, muddle, and just sit. Often, I feel the sogginess of the muddle and water. I'm slowed down, reflexes countered into slow mode, which is not the way my mind and productivity adore. So, I don't need to fight you today fear. I'm gonna sit in the muddle and observe. I'm still going to work. I'm still going to hug my kids and try to make them laugh today. Even in my muddle.

Learning will flow. Even in the muddle.

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