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Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2018

Fear destroys the preciousness of the present.- S. Blunkosky

Twelve years ago this little being arrived, a tiny and loving thing we couldn't stop holding. She came with purpose and determination, to explore, to seek adventure, to really enjoy this life. On Day 2, doctors informed us that this little being had Down syndrome, and to prepare for some time in the NICU. We were fearful. We grieved. We were filled with joyfulness-we were lucky parents to this little being. Josie is twelve and loves living her life. She wants to pursue cooking, waiting tables, library work, dog walking/training/nurturing, and finding her romantic life partner- these are some adventures she is currently researching and planning for. Josie suffers anxiety and health issues but lives a very active and joyful life. She wanted to live- and she rides a bike, greets friends and neighbors, and does many activities at home and in the community. We celebrate her existence today and everyday, along with her fellow beings with Down syndrome who want to pursue meaningful lives like everybody else. Her life is so very precious, with deep meaning. We are proud and honored to be her parents. With Bob Blunkosky

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