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Emotional Labor Discussion

Had a great time presenting at the VaHomeschoolers Conference! It was wonderful to meet new homeschool families and catch up with friends. I especially found the questions and conversations in my sessions quite valuable.

In my last session on Homeschool Troubleshooting, I discussed emotional labor. I think this is a concept that affects many homeschool parents regardless of gender. Not being acknowledged for the valuable of your labors and energies can create resentment and hostile energies. My friend Amy passed this wonderful article to me and it really helped me articulate a common concern and pattern I see often, yet many do not discuss it openly. This author presents her argument from a female engendered perspective but I'd like to take it beyond that to the universal framework of emotional labor- the labor in any job that you are likely to not be credited with.

Try to start valuing the time you plan, the time you research, the time you schedule, and the time you even daydream when it influences your work. These are all energies, yet sadly unpaid. Start trying to add greater value to the whole picture, every minute, every thought-valuable and precious energy.

Here is an interesting narrative perspective:

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