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Today's Project is handouts for March 22, 2019!

I'm working on my session handouts! I love coming to my homeschool conference home- it's nurturing to catch up with long-term friends and fill my teaching cup up with new ideas and supportive energies. I told a new homeschooling parent the other day that when you attend your first homeschool conference, try to go in the spirit of wholeness first. Attending sessions, we may start the comparison game: "Wow-so and so is really so good while I do _____________." Or, we might get overwhelmed: "Oh my-there are so many ways to teach multiplication, I'm starting to feel the room spin now."

Try to aim for wholeness before you go, "I'm open to learning new things as an addition to my life, not to complete me as I'm okay just as I am." Wholeness will not nitpick at your choices. Wholeness won't bump into you with tight judgy pants. Wholeness won't take you apart. Whatever you learn, find, and meet- will all be bonuses.

Looking forward to seeing you there! (Now, I gotta get back to my handouts, LOL:)



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