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    I opened Learning Heroine LLC in 2015. As a homeschooling mom of three kids (one of whom has complex learning needs including: Down syndrome, autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and dyscalculia), I recognized a need to apply my integrative teaching (movement and professional research/advocacy) skills to provide custom learning solutions for families and their individual learners in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area and surrounding counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, Caroline, and Culpepper counties.


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  • Learning Services

    I offer integrative learning consultations for home-educating, public school educating, and private school educating families. I serve new homeschool families and seasoned veterans.


    I offer custom integrative, holistic home learning plans: the home education equivalent of a public school Individual Educational Plan. This is a child specific plan that details concerns, goals, and progress targeted for the learning year. Unique to my plans are movement-based strategies (optional) to soothe tensions and create well-rounded success strategies.


    I also offer an easy going and thorough proof of progress evaluation experience (five years+) for those who choose an evaluation in lieu of testing. Wait list is available as I am full for 2018-please use scheduling form for cancellation openings.I will have a few but will know more in March 2019 when I formalize the season's schedule.


    I offer assistance for those needing guidance on the Virginia Religious Exemption homeschool option.


    I bring years of advocacy experience to offer information for the following:

    Flexi-schooling Support (Integrating academics in a school and home learning partnership)


    Individual Educational Plan (IEP) Support,Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) Support, 504 Medical Plan Support,and Gifted Process & Appeals Support.






  • How It Works



    Contact me before you commit any money. We ensure that you choose the right option.



    I'll send you a custom information packet with rates and directions for our in-person consultation so we maximize our time together.



    We meet and I deliver your reports within about 5 business days. Ask any questions!

  • Events

    Prenatal Yoga serves all mothers, for all birthing options and labors. Come enjoy a fully accessible three hour workshop for all levels, wheel chairs welcome. Choose what options you need and desire and meet your needs anytime throughout class. Come discover how prenatal yoga can improve birthing outcomes and maternal health. Questions welcome!

    March 22-23, 2019 is the VaHomeschooler's Conference and Resource Fair, in Williamsburg, Virginia. I'm excited to share two sessions on Friday. One session discusses movement strategies (primitive reflexes and polyvagal theory, etc.) for learning and the other session explores sensory and memory-building in social studies, an alternative to traditional chronological methods. Hope to see you there! 


  • Movement Learning Services

    I offer private, small group, and large group classes in studio or your location of choice for the following:


    Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga -I offer a restorative and strength building program for moms-to-be during their prenatal journey. The postnatal journey assists in healing the body and strengthening it after baby arrives.


    Baby & Me: I offer custom private or group baby and me classes to encourage bonding, help parents strengthen, and enjoy yoga with baby! I also have extra experience with children who have special needs and offer a yoga infused "early intervention" where we address primitive reflex building and assist babies and toddlers with meeting developmental milestones in their own journey!


    Children's Yoga: I offer a fun and custom private or group class designed to meet the ages and needs of infants, children, tweens, and teenagers in their journeys. I also encourage individuals to strengthen bodies, enhance the primitive reflexes, and assist children in seeking focus and connection to their peace.


    Current Classes:


    Thursdays: 5:15pm-6:30pm Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg Prenatal Yoga Class

    Class Description: An optional (though recommended 15-minute community time builds a supportive class atmosphere and discusses the ebbs and flow of the pregnancy journey week to week) starts a 60 minute accessible yoga class for all stages of pregnancy where moms choose the best of many options for each pose and practice. Strength building and stability poses custom for expectant mothers are utilized to help “Mother the mother.” Moms will also learn breath and meditation practices for labor, postpartum, and their lifetime mothering journey. Questions encouraged and welcome. Class ends with a restorative savasana. Appropriate for all stages of pregnancy and movement levels-all are very welcome!






  • My History & Inspirations

    I am an education consultant, independent research historian, professional advocate (Special Needs and Exceptional), teacher, and writer (my scholarship is a Master’s thesis on Slavery in Fredericksburg). In my pre-mom life, I taught Social Studies and numerous electives at the highly acclaimed Open High School in Richmond, Virginia from 2002-2003, and as a substitute teacher in 2004. I enjoyed working as a graduate teaching assistant while completing my Master's degree in History at Virginia Commonwealth University from 2004-2005. Sharing the learning journey with my own children is the most rewarding (and challenging) journey. Homeschooling styles, educational theory, brain development, genetics, bioethics, and eugenics are all topics of deep research for me.


    As a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher RYT, Registered Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher RPYT, and Registered Children's Yoga Teacher RCYT; I gratefully offer movement education to Learning Heroine LLC, which serves all populations; specializing in prenatal, postnatal, and children's unique yoga needs. I am a certified Accessible Yoga Ambassador, dedicated to inclusive teaching practices for all students. I also offer trauma sensitive adaptions (I'm a trauma survivor) and more gentle/therapeutic style accommodations for all levels and classes with respect to all genders, religious affiliations, and people with unique developmental or accessibility needs. I am classically trained and offer eight-limbed, Full Spectrum Yoga classes which include: meditation, breath practices, ethical living/values, asanas/postures, understanding one's relationship in the universe, and building introspective self-practices. I teach yoga respectfully to all religions or non-religious.


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    "Just wanted to tell you how much of a blessing you are to my family. The resources you shared have been SOOOO helpful and have inspired a renewed passion in me.... So, I just want to encourage you today. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You've made a significant difference in my life; and the work you put into compiling resources is not futile. Your resources are like little treats I can add to my lunchbox! "


    "She was wonderful with my son. She followed him around the house while he explained all the projects he had done over the year and she asked him questions that lead to really in depth discussions of his passions. She helped me formulate a plan for some areas that I felt Jeremiah was lacking in and handled the paper work that the school board needed.
    I'd recommend her a million times over. "


    "Sarah is an excellent advocate with a strong desire to help students succeed, and she can easily adapt to any requirements relevant to her work. Her insatiable drive for knowledge makes her a competent and thorough researcher. "

  • Publications

    History M.A. Thesis

    "Unlawful assembly accounts extracted from the Fredericksburg Mayor’s Court Order Books from 1821-1834, reveal rare glimpses of unsupervised, alleged illegal interactions between free and enslaved individuals, many of whom do not appear in other records.... The complex connections necessary to arrange unlawful assemblies threatened the town’s safety with insurrection if these individuals developed radical ideas opposing the existing social order, the foundation of which was slavery. Akin to residents of areas where natural disasters like volcanoes always pose a risk of dangerous eruptions, those living in Fredericksburg lived their lives within the town slave society and its potential threats. In an area, state, and region where insurrections occurred, unlawful assembly, whether frequent or infrequent, mattered."

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